Friday, 9 December 2011

Under The Influence: Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)

When you think about the Beatles, it’s usually about the sophisticated way they used pop elements and whatever they were being turned on to by George Martin to do things that hadn’t been done before. [I Saw Her Standing There] is just a standard three chord song, but it’s a rock and roll classic. It still explodes at you when you hear it today. There’s even a terrific live version on [Anthology 1] that made me go, “My God, these guys could really play." It represents in its earliest and most naïve incarnation all the buoyancy the Beatles had to offer. 

Lindsey Buckingham Lava Magazine 


  1. I found an interesting article, maybe you haven't seen it yet:

    I didn't know Lennon had such a bad eyesight...

  2. yeah I've been reading those - pretty interesting, though I'm disappointed we didn't get one on Ringo ;-)

  3. There is a 50% chance he will be the best songwriter in The Beatles in a couple of years ...

  4. Pauls G# over E ,then that C chord and the fact it has a bridge keeps it from being a standard 3 chord song i think.

    1. Yes I think he was overstating it somewhat - but not as wacky as Dave Mustaine raving about the french horn in Michelle raving about the french horn in Michelle