Friday, 16 December 2011

Under The Influence: Lemmy (Motorhead)

[I Saw Her Standing There] was the first track on their first album. Paul counted them in with 1,2,3,4, - a great introduction to the greatest rock band of all time. Nobody even comes into the same planetary system in terms of songwriting and presentation, They never repeated themselves, they kept going from strength to strength. 

Liverpool was only 60 miles from where I grew up in Wales, and lots of girls would come down from there for holidays … this one girl wrote ‘Beatles’ all over my wall, and I asked who they were. She said they were this incredible new band in Liverpool. So I hitch-hiked up there - this was late 1961- and saw them play a number of times at the Cavern. And I can tell you the intensity and excitement everybody felt a couple of years later was already happening ... A magic time. 

 Lemmy - Lava Magazine 


  1. Once again another person who's music I love talking about my favourite band.

  2. another GOD loves the beatles :)