Monday, 14 November 2011

11:6 The Long And Winding Road (pt.2)

Last time we picked around the musical buffet of this song. Today let's have big slice of lyrics.

Firstly we have a parallel lyrics masterclass (ticket 24).

Long and winding road/long winding road
leads to your door/lead me to your door/lead me here/lead me back
many times I've been alone/many times I've cried
anyway/many ways
I've cried/crying for the day
Why leave me standing here/you left me standing here
Don't leave me waiting here/don't keep me waiting here
Long winding road/I've seen that road
Long and winding road/a long long time ago

We talked about the musical contrast between the verse and bridge last time, but that extends into the rhyme scheme too. The bridge is a plain old vanilla ABAB but the verses are ABCBCB or ABCBCD.

V1 ABCBCB - line 2 and 6 end on the same word
V2 ABCBCB - line 2 and 6 rhyme
V3 ABCBCD - the D line doesn't sound wrong though (be honest, did you even notice before I mentioned it?). Why? Even though lead me to your door doesn't even half-rhyme it is lifted directly from V1. In fact verse 1, 3 & 4 end with leave me to your door.

Next time – All Your Thematic Development Are Belong To Us!

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