Monday, 18 April 2011

The Facial Hair/Creativity Ratio Theorem

Studying the Beatles for the last few years, I can't help but notice the link between their creativity and varying amounts of facial hair. At long last I'm finally ready to present my findings - in song!

Want some free downloads? You got 'em!

Chord sheet The Facial Hair/Creativity Ratio Theorem CHORD sheet 
mp3 The Facial Hair/Creativity Ratio Theorem MP3

Want some more free songs? OK!

Download all my FAWM 2011 songs for free!!!
Other free songs by Matt Blick

Up next: You Never Give Me Your Shaving Cream...I mean Money

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  1. This is hilarious, Matt!

    What does it mean if I grow a beard but start shaving my legs?

    ...experimental music?

  2. Love the ABBA reference! Now, how about kicking up the tempo double-time (a la "That Thing You Do") and making it a rocker?

  3. @Nick - I don't know - that would require more research

    @Gary - thanks. Do you think that would turn this into my first number one single?!!!