Thursday, 28 April 2011

Beatles Pot Pourri

As it's still illegal write about any song composed by a drummer on the day of a royal wedding unless you own more than three swans I'll have to save the post on Octopus's Garden for next week. In the meantime here's a few interesting posts.

First, how good are you on Beatles writers credits? I'm embarrassed to say I only got about 50%. Take this sneaky test

Want to know which Beatles songs even Beatle-haters like? Popdose has the answers

Here's a similar post looking at Ringo's drumming highpoints

Finally Performing Songwriter has an interesting post on some of the faces of Sgt Pepper

Speaking of the wedding...

What do you think McCartney will play for Will & Kate? Can't Buy Me Love? Run For Your Life? Why Don't We Do It In The Road?


  1. Thank you Matt, a great list of links to check out. The song writing quiz caught me out, and there were a few wrong bits of information in the pieces - the count-in for Taxman isn't George but an engineer, and I always thought that Macca was drumming on Glass Onion?

  2. pretty sure macca's not drumming on glass onion - only prudence and Back In USSR on white album and it sounds like Harrison to me. I've never know an engineer count the band in and don't know why they would????