Friday, 11 February 2011

Randy Newman On Being Prolific

In Blessed are the prolific I said that the Beatles always had a reason to finish their songs, whether they were substandard or not.

Randy Newman at Performing Songwriter thinks this is a good thing...

One thing that you can never let happen to you is to become more of a critic than you are a writer, where you actually choke yourself off. I tend to get that way...where the critic in you stops everything. Finish some stuff. You know, you look at some of the Bach inventions, well Bach finished everything. Sometimes it’ll be just like no kind of idea at all, but he’ll go right to the end and something will happen. Finish your stuff.


  1. I agree more and more with this mindset as time goes on.

    STARTING never got me anywhere...

  2. Will my cowriter(s) please step up and help me finish some stuff, pretty please? Or is my delegating actual deflecting?

    1. I'm not sure delegating is exactly the same as cowriting John! Though I sometimes wish could hand off all my unfinished songs to someone else! I'd recommend songwriting communities like and 50/90 as a great way to meet potential cowriters.