Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Welcome CD Babies!

A special warm welcome to you if you're visiting me from the CD Baby DIY Musicians blog!

Beatles Songwriting Academy is all about trying to learn how to write great songs from the best teachers in the business - Lennon & McCartney (with a little bit of Harrison too). So far I've blogged all the way through Please Please Me & With The Beatles and now I'm going halfway through Abbey Road and going in reverse.

As someone who thought he knew the Beatles music I've been surprised at what I've found out (there's even songwriting lessons in their album covers!), and I've learned a lot which is influencing my own songwriting (you can get my songs here for free).

If you want some places to start, the Tickets To Write page is where I gather all the simple single ideas that Beatles used which you can easily adapt to your own music. Things like staying off the root chord, creating intros out of other sections of the song and pairing up lyrical ideas.

Then the Be-Atletudes are habits and working practices which helped make Lennon & McCartney so successful as writers and which you can adopt too. Things like limiting your options, writing a lot, even if it's not all top quality.

Finally you could just hunt down songs in the sidebar on the left and see what I've discovered about various songs.

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