Wednesday, 22 December 2010

And So This Is (Nearly) Christmas

I'm about to close up the Academy for the Christmas break and I wanted to say thank you to all the people who've commented regularly, linked, followed, tweeted and done guest posts (or asked me to do one).

Especially Rob from Amersfoort (in the Netherlands), Gary from Canada (I think), Old Nick Tozier from Maine, The Real Matt Redmond, Eric in Chicago, David in Australia, Paul in Lindale, Texas, Ali Smith in the world's best city, Sharon Goldman, Irene Jackson, Matt Perman, Chris Robley & Mark Altrogge.

Your encouragement in it's many forms has been one of the things that's helped me keep going.If your name's not here and you're a regular reader that means either I've sinned greviously by overlooking you or you've been lurking for the past year. Come out of the shadows and warm yourself by this roaring candle. We won't bite.

Though I won't be posting over the rest of December I'll still be working on Beatlish things. My main goal is to update the tickets page and read the giant Anthology book without giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wish me luck.

Would you think me a terrible anorak if I told you that this was recorded on the same day the Beatles cut I Want To Hold Your Hand & This Boy? It was also the first time they recorded on 4 track. John was wearing dark blue woollen socks. One of these facts is made up.


  1. Thanks Matt, good luck and merry Christmas to you and your family. Keep up the good work! I’m a bit behind (I am studying T4) but I will catch up in the new year.

  2. Good luck, Matt!

    Merry Christmas :D

  3. Thanks guys - Hope you both have a great holiday!