Monday, 5 July 2010

I'll Be Back

This seems apt as I'm in the grip of Gastroenteritis. No new posts for a little while



  1. Sorry to hear you're ill. I'm glad I was led to your site. Although I lack the technical music knowledge to fully appreciate your work, I know enough about music in general (trombone and campfire guitar) and the Beatles to appreciate your labor of love here.

  2. By the way, that's pretty dang funny!

  3. I hope you're feeling better, Matt! I'm stepping back in just as you're stepping out, it seems. Got lots of ideas, got a lot to tell. Hope to see you back in the trenches soon. I'll be in touch this week.

  4. Much better now thanks - back to work tomorrow

    Hey Gary - Trombone players welcome! Thanks for the kind words.

    Good to hear from you Nick, like your new post