Beatles Songwriting Academy now has it's own forum. Here's the skinny -

What's it for?

Though I started BSA to document my own learning journey I have really enjoyed interacting with you, my readers. The forum is a way to do that a little more. Here's what I'd like it to be

  • A place for you to help me with research - from time to time I'll throw out questions and pleas for musical examples.
  • A place for you to ask questions. Something you want to know may even a spark future post.
  • A place for roundtable discussions. Occasionally I'll want to take a straw poll on the merits (or not) of certain songs or albums. Have your say!
  • A place for you to share anything cool (and relevant) you've come across.

The (large) small print

  • This Facebook group is an experiment. If I feel it's wildly successful I'll move it to become a self-hosted part of the blog. If it's wildly unsuccessful I'll just shut it down.
  • As with the site, I'm very tough on spam and rudeness (to me or others). It's OK to disagree, but play nice. I and most of the regulars back our opinions up with musical evidence. If you do the same we'll love you forever. 
  • On or near topic only please. Beatles Songwriting? Yes please - everyday and twice on sundays. Songwriting? Probably. Beatles? Maybe - but keep it musical. Anything else? Not really.
  • A word about self promotion. 'A word' is about the right amount. Almost everybody else on the forum will be a working songwriter with wares to sell. I won't be clogging up the forum with every song I release - I expect you to show the same restraint. If you have a major release coming up, maybe a mention. If you have a song with a specific Beatle link - maybe. And the more you contribute outside of your releases the more slack you'll be cut when you do put something out. 

Ready? Here it is - Beatles Songwriting Academy Forum


  1. I do not have a Facebook account, and never will. Is there any way for me to participate in the forum?

  2. Hey there Rich - no way at the present I'm afraid - sorry. I'm going to trial it on FB and if it's something worthwhile I'll move it to self hosted forum here.

  3. I play classical clarinet and professionally play jazz, swing, etc. on the tenor saxophone. I can site read pretty well too. However, your ticket to write section on the Beatles all be it incredibly interesting, its just that to me as my music theory isn't strong enough to understand what you are saying. My suggestion is to break the 100 lessons/comments into 10 pieces each and maybe have someone else interprate via a you tube video. Thus, have somone play on the guitar what you are trying to explain in writing. Otherwise, I think most of us, even classically trained musisians are just not going to be able to wrap their heads around your narrative. Again, I can sight read bach, beatoven, and Mozart note for note but I have no idea what a IV chord is or a mixolidean scale. I wish I could!