Beatles Songwriting Academy now has it's own forum. Here's the skinny -

What's it for?

Though I started BSA to document my own learning journey I have really enjoyed interacting with you, my readers. The forum is a way to do that a little more. Here's what I'd like it to be

  • A place for you to help me with research - from time to time I'll throw out questions and pleas for musical examples.
  • A place for you to ask questions. Something you want to know may even a spark future post.
  • A place for roundtable discussions. Occasionally I'll want to take a straw poll on the merits (or not) of certain songs or albums. Have your say!
  • A place for you to share anything cool (and relevant) you've come across.

The (large) small print

  • This Facebook group is an experiment. If I feel it's wildly successful I'll move it to become a self-hosted part of the blog. If it's wildly unsuccessful I'll just shut it down.
  • As with the site, I'm very tough on spam and rudeness (to me or others). It's OK to disagree, but play nice. I and most of the regulars back our opinions up with musical evidence. If you do the same we'll love you forever. 
  • On or near topic only please. Beatles Songwriting? Yes please - everyday and twice on sundays. Songwriting? Probably. Beatles? Maybe - but keep it musical. Anything else? Not really.
  • A word about self promotion. 'A word' is about the right amount. Almost everybody else on the forum will be a working songwriter with wares to sell. I won't be clogging up the forum with every song I release - I expect you to show the same restraint. If you have a major release coming up, maybe a mention. If you have a song with a specific Beatle link - maybe. And the more you contribute outside of your releases the more slack you'll be cut when you do put something out. 

Ready? Here it is - Beatles Songwriting Academy Forum


  1. I do not have a Facebook account, and never will. Is there any way for me to participate in the forum?

  2. Hey there Rich - no way at the present I'm afraid - sorry. I'm going to trial it on FB and if it's something worthwhile I'll move it to self hosted forum here.