Friday, 14 October 2016

Under The Influence: Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

This incredible music [A Day In The Life] just overwhelmed us. When it came to the middle of the song, where the orchestra rises, it sounded like a plane taking off in the room. It just killed us. And when it ended with that incredible chord, we all sat there stunned.

For me [While My Guitar Gently Weeps] was the song of the century. This may sound na├»ve now, but the Beatles were like gods to me as a kid. Not literally, of course, but it was like they were more than human in some way. This was the point where they embraced heavy blues-based guitar, which made musicians realise you could write modern songs with cool chords that weren't necessarily blues-based and still stick some heavy guitar in them. There were no credits on this album, so I didn't even know it was Clapton for a few weeks, and Eric literally makes his guitar weep at the end. Every guitar player loves this song – because every guitar player has a tear-stained guitar.

Gary Rossington: 'The Hour Of Music That Rocks My World' Guitar World Magazine

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  1. Unbelievable how close this is to my own feelings about these 2 songs. I'm a bit older than Rossington, but I still recall being a bit puzzled on my first listening to "Pepper," but feeling like I was coming home when "Day in the Life" came on, with it's pure Lennon/pure McCartney melody & lyrics and then, WTF, the orchestra! Put the rest of the songs in context for me. I ended up with 4 Pepper album covers, 'cause I wore out the discs from overplaying them on my mid grade turntable.

    Similar story with "The Beatles," from WTF (Rev 9) to OMG; when that Guitar Gently Weeps, and I did too. I had just started my short stay in college and this song was the perfect soundtrack to my confusion and dismay.