Monday, 2 February 2015

The Beatles (White Album) Post Index

I'm half way through the White Album (as of Jan 2015) Here are links to all the posts so far

1 The Beatles aka The White Album: Introduction
2 Julia (pt.1) Introduction
3 Julia (pt.2) Chords
4 Julia (pt.3) Melody
5 Julia (pt.4) Lyrics
6 Julia (pt.5) Structure
7 Why Don't We Do It In The Road
8 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
9 I'm So Tired (pt.1) Introduction
10 I'm So Tired (pt.2) Melisma, Madrigalism & Melody
11 I'm So Tired (pt.3) 12 Bar (Non) Blues, Chords And Contrasts
12 Long Long Long
13 Martha My Dear (pt.1) Contrapuntal Writing, Structure And McCartney's Approach To Lyrics
14 Martha My Dear (pt.2) The Sgt Pepper Horn Part
15 Martha My Dear (pt.3) 'Silly' vs 'Stupid' Vocabulary
16 Martha My Dear (pt.4) Time And Key Signature
17 Martha My Dear (pt.5) Melodic Cells And Double Bridges
18 Martha My Dear (pt.6) Lyrics
19 Savoy Truffle
20 Honey Pie (pt.1) Style, Structure, Lyrical Craft And Arrangement
21 Honey Pie (pt.2) Melody/Chord Relationship, Rhythm And Melodic Shape
22 Happiness Is A Warm Gun (pt.1) Genesis And Structure
23 Happiness Is A Warm Gun (pt.2) Polyrhythms And Other Rhythmic Ideas
24 Happiness Is A Warm Gun (pt.3) Coherence And Misc Songwriting Ideas
25 Piggies (pt.1) Origins, Arrangement And The Producer's Role
26 Piggies (pt.2) Writing For Children
27 Piggies (pt.3) Recycling And Developing Themes
28 Birthday
29 I Will (pt.1) Demo And Lyrics
30 I Will (pt.2) Melody, Structure And Chords
31 Glass Onion (pt.1) Surrealism And Self Reference
32 Glass Onion (pt.2) Bad Points, Good Points
33 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (pt.1) Introduction And Overview
34 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (pt.2) Lyrical Hall Of Shame
35 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (pt.3) Contrasts, Chords And Good Lyrics
36 Dear Prudence (pt.1) Inspiration, Oddities, Ringo And Paul
37 Dear Prudence (pt.2) Scales And Chords
38 Back In The USSR (pt.1) The Art Of Parody
39 Back In The USSR (pt.2) Stuttering
40 Back In The USSR (pt.3) Blues Influence
41 Wild Honey Pie

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