Tuesday, 12 August 2014

RIP Robin Williams

Robin dueted with Bobby McFerrin for George Martin's album In My Life



  1. Wow, I never knew this existed. Thank you, Matt, for posting this little acknowledgement of the late, great Robin Williams. I still can't fully comprehend that he's gone; the news was such a shock. I'm not even what could be called a "devotee" of his, just a passive fan, but I must have cared more than I thought, because tears welled up when I heard what had happened. He was a truly unique, extraordinary man.

  2. I like this version a lot. I should have done something similar rather than pull my hair out trying to write what I did :-(

  3. Thanks guys - came across this by accident. Had seen the Jim Carey track before, but not this. A great loss and by the sound of it a beautiful person.