Monday, 16 June 2014

Ticket 32: The James Bond Chord Progression (Ascending 5th)

Put an ascending chromatic counter melody within your chord progression, starting from the 5th. This ticket is covered extensively in a podcast here.

Minor 5 b6 6 b6

Besame Mucho (verse)
Savoy Truffle (chorus)

Minor 5 b6 6 b7

Fool On The Hill (end of chorus)
Glass Onion (instrumental break)
Hey Bulldog (chorus)

Major 5 b6 6 b6

Ask Me Why (bridge)
Don't Ever Change (intro/bridge)
From Me To You (bridge into verse)
I'll Be On My Way (intro)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (intro)

See Also

Minor 5 b6 6

Lost Horizons – chorus (Michael Schenker Group)

Minor 5 b6 6 b6

Birdhouse In Your Soul – prechorus (They Might Be Giants)
Blackberry Way – verse (The Move)
Brian Wilson (Album Version) – coda (Barenaked Ladies)
Chains – intro/verse (k.s. Rhoads)
James Bond Theme from Dr No – intro (Monty Norman)
Love Me And Leave Me – intro (The Seahorses)
Mis-Shapes (Pulp)
Secret Agent Man – intro (Johnny Rivers)
The Mission - 1st verse and solo (Queensryche)
White America – intro (Eminem)

Minor 5 b6 6 b7

Ain't Misbehavin – mid 8 (Fats Waller)
As Lovers Do – verse (Clive Gregson And Christine Collister)
Better For Me If I'd Never Been Born - end of chorus (Matt Blick)
Cry Me A River – verse (Arthur Hamilton)
Hangar 18 - intro and verse (Megadeth)
Losing My Mind (from Follies) verse/bridge (Stephen Sondheim)

Major 5 b6 6

No 1 Party Anthem – verse (Arctic Monkeys)

Major 5 b6 6 b6

All Or Nothing At All – mid 8 (Altman/Lawrence)
The House Wins – verse (OK Go)

Major 5 b6 6 b7

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive – (Bing Crosby And The Andrews Sisters)
Because – intro, verse (Dave Clark Five)
Isolation – intro/verse (Plastic Ono Band)
It's a Laugh – chorus (Hall & Oates)
It's All Been Done – prechorus/bridge (Barenaked Ladies)
(Just Like) Starting Over – intro (John Lennon)
Kind of a Drag – intro/chorus (The Buckinghams)
Losing My Mind (from Follies) verse/bridge (Stephen Sondheim)
Maybe This Time (from Cabaret) – verse (Kander/Ebb)
Mis-Shapes (Pulp)
No 1 Party Anthem – chorus (Arctic Monkeys)
Old Before I Die - end of verse (Robbie Williams)
Raining In My Heart – verse (Buddy Holly)
The Rain Song – instrumental break (Led Zeppelin)
Underground – verse (Ben Folds Five)

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Thanks to Nancy Rost, Cliff Middleton, Thomas Spademan, John Argentiero, Rick Amorphis, Rod 'Downburst' Johnson on the BSA forum and The Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles by Dominic Pedler for examples


  1. (Aquarela do) Brazil - major 5 b6 6 b6 (Ary Barroso)

    1. Wow - what a great example Sergey - I can hear lots of places where they're playing the example fully or partially! Thank you.

  2. Help's chorus seems to follow the Minor 5 b6 6 b7 progression. The chords I believe are vi(Bm)-IV(G)-II7(E7)-V7(A7)