Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Benefit Of Limitations - A Virtual Roundtable

In my post Blessed Are The Limited I talked about the creative advantages of reducing your available options especially in terms of equipment and time. Many other creative types agree and here are three more (each audio clip is under 3 minutes).

Singer/Songwriter Derek Webb talks about the restrictions of label/network censorship forcing more creative work. (Hear the full interview on Seminary Dropout Podcast).

Jack White speaks eloquently about limiting himself in just about every way possible in the DVD Under Great White Northern Lights

And author Neil Gaiman suggests mixing periods of work rigidly defined by others with more solitary work. (Hear the full interview on the Nerdist podcast).

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  1. It's an interesting thing about limitations. I remember Brian May saying once; "you would have thought that with advances in technology that it would be quicker to record, but in truth you spend just as long, if not longer."

    There is so much truth in that quote! With the technology there, there is always that urge to think about more options. The fact that The Beatles were limited for the most part to four-track recording actually gave them limitations. They said they would have liked eight-track like The Beach Boys and other artists in America were using.

    In truth, if they had that technology there would have been the possibility of them trying to put too much on there, and someone like John might have got irritated with that?

    It's bad enough that the mix engineers didn't understand how to mix in stereo - a fact that irritates me as a Beatles nut!

  2. I'm not sure that they didn't understand - it's that no one cared and there wasn't any accepted was of mixing. Why they haven't done proper stereo remixes (apart from YS Songtrack) that's a different story