Monday, 2 July 2012

Let It Be Post Index

here's a complete list of posts on Let It Be

1 I Me Mine (pt.1) - structure and chords
2 I Me Mine (pt.2) – structure (again), hooks and getting away with a weak chorus
3 I Me Mine (pt.3) - lyric structure/rhyme scheme
4 One After 909
5 The Long And Winding Road (pt.1) - overview
6 The Long And Winding Road (pt.2) - lyrics and rhyme scheme
7 The Long And Winding Road (pt.3) - developing the main theme
8 The Long And Winding Road (pt.4) - arriving 'home'/madrigalism
9 Let It Be
10 For You Blue
11 Dig It and Maggie Mae
12 Two Of Us (pt.1) - overview and lyrics
13 Two Of Us (pt.2) - time changes and melodic cells
14 Get Back (pt.1) - simplicity, staying off the root note and the mixolydian mode
15 Get Back (pt.2) - bad lyrics and 13 songwriting tips
16 Don't Let Me Down
17 I've Got A Feeling
18 Dig A Pony
19 Let It Be Conclusions

Other related posts

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The Best Of The Best Of Let It Be – Naked or Spectorised?
Blessed Are The Mundane – why Let It Be was doomed to fail
The Many Guitar Solos Of Let It Be (the song)
Everyone Hates The Long And Winding Road
Get Back To The Drawing Board – How many versions are there really?

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