Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Threetles Answers

1) Eleanor Rigby - Ringo. Harrison and Lennon contributed BVs

2) She Said She Said - McCartney walked out of the studio after an argument and Harrison played bass.

3) The Inner Light - Ringo. Never mind Andy White, here Indian tabla player Mahapurush Misra laid down the beat. Lennon & McCartney sang BVs

4) Back In The USSR - Ringo left the band for 2 weeks, went on holiday and wrote Octopus's Garden. It's a common misconception that McCartney played the drums on this track. In fact all three remaining Beatles overdubbed drum and bass parts.

5) Dear Prudence - Ringo was still on holiday and Paul contributed a drum part so Ringo-like that Beatles conspiracy theorists suspect a cover up to this day.

6) I Will - Harrison. After Ringo returned for Glass Onion, George was the next to jump ship. With Paul handling all the guitar and vocals George was surplus to requirements.

7) Savoy Truffle - Lennon. The Beatles headed over to Trident Studios and become a power trio.

8) Long Long Long - Lennon excused himself as George and the band hammered out 67 takes of the basic track but he was back in the studio the following day to recording I'm So Tired and Bungalow Bill.

9) Here Comes The Sun - Lennon was recovering from a car crash when the basic track was laid down, but failed to contribute even a backing vocals once he came back.

10) Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Lennon. Recording on this song started on the infamous day Yoko and her bed moved into Abbey Road. Lennon waited on his sick wife.

11) Because - Ringo provided a bongo click track which was later wiped.

12) I Me Mine - Lennon waltzed with Yoko when Harrison previewed the track for the band, but was on holiday in Denmark when they actually recorded it.

13) And the songs featuring only two Beatles? Don't Pass Me By, (Ringo & Paul), Why Don't We Do It In The Road (Paul & Ringo), Revolution 9 (John & George), The Ballad Of John And Yoko (John & Paul).

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