Friday, 10 February 2012

Under The Influence: Sex Pistols

In the Under The Influence series we usually feature a famous musician speaking in glowing terms of how the Beatles inspired them. Today, something totally different. Not only did Paul McCartney inspire legions of people to join a band, but he also got one musician fired and inadvertently kick started the career of one of the most notorious people ever to pick up a bass.

[Bassist] Glen Matlock was thrown out of the Sex Pistols so I'm told because he went on too long about Paul McCartney. E.M.I. was enough. The Beatles was too much. Sid Vicious, their best friend and always a member of the group, but unheard as yet, was enlisted. His best credential was he gave [critic and musician Nick] Kent what he deserved* many months ago at the Hundred Club

Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren in a telegram to the NME 28 Feb 77

* Sid badly assaulted Nick with a bicycle chain


  1. Possibly the beginning of the end for The Sex Pistols?

  2. According to wiki Matlock was actually influenced by the faces and sadly not the Beatles. He was joking around when he mentioned about liking the Beatles.

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  4. Actually I was wrong about it a bit. But Matlock never mentioned he liked The Beatles however he wasn't thrown out by the band either. He actually left the band himself due to him "having enough with the bullshit". But yeah all of that is from wiki, so YMMV on the info.