Friday, 23 September 2011

Under The Influence: Les Claypool (Primus)

 My mom … bought Abbey Road, and I wore that sucker out on my little phonograph as a kid. I used to put it on before I went to bed and would fall asleep listening to it. [I Want You (She's So Heavy) is] the last song on the first side, and it's very moody, with amazing guitar tones and a nice little bass groove. One night, I'm drifting off and the song keeps going on and on at the end, making storm noises and things. It freaked me out! I was a little kid and I got scared. I actually had to jump up and turn it off because I thought the devil had possessed my turntable. 

  Primus' Les Claypool (compiling his ideal mixtape in the Oct 96 Guitar World)


  1. That is a nice story from Les Playcool ;-) Thank you for posting that Matt

  2. Ahh, Les! It's been a while since I listened to any Primus or Flying Frog Brigade.

    I concur with Les, as you know. What a sinister song it is.

    It wasn't a turntable that the devil possessed when I was a wee lad; it was a Teddy Ruxpin that was running out of batteries and started distorting pitches one afternoon and making strange faces.

  3. Teddy Ruxpin is genuinely scary!