Friday, 12 November 2010

Busy Doing Somethin'

Sorry for the lack of song posts around these parts - I am still hacking away at the Beatles seam, it's just I'm working up another guest post for an American songwriter's blog and it's needing a bit of extra research. Will let y'alls know when it's out, up and done.

I'm also having computer issues at the moment. The main issue being I don't have one! Yep - the macbook had to go back to my former employers who, in a fit of completely irrational unreasonableness, decided that as I no longer work for them I better give them their equipment back.

Some people are weird, no?

Realised to that I'm getting too detailed again. Will try to finish off Bathroom Window with one more post and then limit myself to a post a song unless the song is AMAZING!!!!!!

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