Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Zombie Angels & The Heavy Metal Beatles

Wandering round Liverpool there's certainly lots of hard evidence that the Beatles are Mereyside's favourite sons.

Not many gift shops could boast such a cool sign.

This was a less successful effort which my Son Chico dubbed the Zombie Angel, but is supposed to represent Mother Liverpool & Her Four Sons. Four? Where's John?

There he is. Don't you always think of Lennon as a chubby cherub? Me neither.

Just down the road is a statue depicting Eleanor Rigby.

And that's not the only musical park bench around Mathew Street.

John Lennon is immortalised, both outside the Cavern Pub...

...and inside it too. Or is that a chinese warrior king? I'm not sure.

But a gift shop in Albert Docks seeks to redress the balance a little. Paul McCartney - he's an all white kinda guy.

And all four make an appearance at the local shopping centre...

...and on the outside of the Hard Days Night Hotel.

Don't jump George! The beard isn't that bad!

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