Monday, 26 July 2010

Where Next?

OK. Finished Please Please Me.
Finished With The Beatles.
Where do we go next - A Hard Day’s Night?


I’ve been reading an excellent book called The Creative Habit by choreographer Twyla Tharp and she's inspired me to listen ‘archaeologically’, starting at the last work and going backwards.

“But you’ve already started” I hear you cry!

I know. Dumb isn’t it?

But if anything characterises Beatles Songwriting Academy it’s laying the tracks while the train is already moving. Or, as independent singer/songwriter Nick Tozier would say, laying the tracks after the train has already crashed. (Speaking of Nick, he just sent some much needed link love my way. Thanks bro’).

As this is a Beatles site maybe one day, like the Fabs, I’ll completely rewrite my history and airbrush out all the false starts and mistakes but for now Let It Be-style 'warts and all' is how we roll, but like Lennon’s first guitar – I’m guaranteed not to split.

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